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FREE Montana MVD Marathon Practice Test [150 Questions] 2018 | MT

At your testing appointment with the MVD for your Montana learner license or driver’s license, you’ll be required to pass a written knowledge test of 33 multiple-choice questions. The written exam is based on information from the 2018 Montana Driver Manual. It will cover everything from licensing laws, to pedestrian safety, road signs, safe driving techniques, and driving rules. You’ll need to pass the test with an 82%, missing no more than six questions, to be eligible for your license. The MVD testing center will also give you a vision test in addition to your written exam and will require proof of your identity, social security number, and residence. Minors will also need to show parental consent and proof of enrollment in a driver’s education course if you’re under 16. Your learner’s license will be valid for one year and cost $5; each license will be $5 for each year it is valid. This MVD practice test is a marathon of 150 questions to help you study every type of question they may ask on your real knowledge exam. Questions you miss will cycle to the back of the pack, and the test will not end until you’ve answered every question correctly.

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